We have added several new fragrances which conform to our standards of excellence at Oregon Trail Soapers Supply; new containers, lip flavors, teeny little vanilla seeds and more! Value does not mean sacrificing quality! Shop Oregon Trail Soapers Supply for the best selection of soap-making supplies on the Internet!

Featured Fragrances...

Northern Lights Fragrance *New* Northern Lights Fragrance *New* Each time we checked the tester as it sat we found something new, hence, the name Northern Lights came to mind as it's as ethereal and forever changing as are the Northern Lights. This fragrance...

Blueberry Blast *NEW* Blueberry Blast *NEW* This is a true blue blueberry and even more. It's kissed with a touch of honey that you can barely discern but it brings out that wonderful sweetness that is just like popping some fresh...

Spring Fling Fragrance Oil *New* Spring Fling Fragrance Oil *New* Being a Spring and Summer person I have a plaque on my wall that says "In Spring The Song Of The Universe Begins Again" and I find that so perfect for this fragrance. Spring is my favorite...

Vanilla Bean Noel *type* NEW Vanilla Bean Noel *type* NEW Irresistible aromatic notes of creamy vanilla with a hint of mouth watering marshmallow make this a delicious, comforting fragrance. Vanilla essence is used in nearly all high end fragrances as it...

Fragrance Sample Packs

We encourage people to try our fragrances if you are unsure of what you prefer, so we have made it very reasonable for you to do exactly that! You get six(6) 2 ounce samples for just $26.50.

Only two sample packs per customer

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Oregon Trail Soaps has one of the largest inventories of soap-making supplies in the US! You can find fragrance oils, bases, molds and a large assortment of colors for soap making all in a one-stop, no hassle environment!

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