Liquid Soap Recipes


Liquid Hand Soap
by Cheryl

10 oz. Olive Oil
9 oz. Sunflower Oil (can sub Rice Bran Oil also)
18 oz. Coconut Oil
7 oz. Castor Oil
4 oz. Cocoa Butter (deodorized or undeordorized will work)
2 oz. Avocado Oil
10.7 oz. Potassium Hydroxide Flakes
36 oz. Distilled Water

Prepare double boiler, bring water to a gentle boil. Once boiling~ place in your pot of the measured oils and butters to melt the coconut & cocoa butter~( around 160 degrees). As soon as the oils are melted, mix your lye and water together and stir till clear, then immediately stir lye water into your melted oils. I keep my main pot of oils in the larger pot of water as I do this, it seems to help achieve trace more quickly. Achieving trace can take some time~ generally around 30 - 40 minutes or longer ~ so BE PATIENT! Continue to stir and use stick blender(s) if desired. Trace looks like Elmer's glue~ a tad bit thicker. Once trace has been reached, cover the entire double boiler, it does not need to seal tight, you just want it covered. After about 10 minutes, take the soap pot out and check for lye separation, which will appear as a water layer at the bottom of pot. Stir again to mix and return pot to double boiler and continue to cook. The CF book claims that the soap puffs up as it cooks, stir down if that happens, however I have never had the soap puff up in the cook time.

Remove soap pot every 30 minutes or so and "stir". Cook a total of three hours or longer if necessary. The soap will become translucent after about an hour or so and will continue to get more translucent through the 3 hour cook time. (Note) It may become to thick to stir, so just mash down the paste to release any trapped air. Once you have cooked it down to a translucent looking glob of paste, your ready to begin the next phase.

In another pot, bring 6 pounds and 2 ounces of distilled water to a boil, once boiling add 3 Tblsp. of Borax( 20 mule team) to the water and dissolve. Hopefully you used a large enough pot for your paste so you can just add the borax solution to your soap pot. If not, you will need to add the paste to your borax solution pot. Turn off your burner~ this is where I add a Tblsp. & a half of what ever preservative you have on hand. Germaben II, Germall Plus, GSE and 1/4 th cup of liquid glycerin~ stir in, cover and leave sit for a few days. The paste will eventually dissolve on it's own. I usually stir mine a couple of times a day to make sure no paste is stuck to the bottom of the pot, make sure you keep it covered. The paste generally dissolves within 3 - 4 days. Once dissolved, you will notice a thin white layer on top of the liquid soap, I skim that off and now you have a very nice golden amber translucent liquid soap. This recipe yields apprx. 1 gallon and 1 pint of liquid soap. I store my soap base in the empty gallon jugs from the distilled water. Now all you need to do when your ready to use~ pour out the amount you need for one bottle or more, (warm) the base slightly in the microwave, color if you desire and scent with your favorite aroma and pour into your foamy bottles. Some scents will tend to thicken your base slightly or cloud it. You have to be careful using some EO's like sweet orange, this will cloud your soap. Most everything I have used so far with FO's has blended wonderfully.

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