Flowers and Herbs Fragrance

Flowers & Herbs


Description: Notes of Jasmine, Lily, Lavender & Roses on a light musky background with just a whisper of herbs have made this a long-time favorite! I couldn't be more pleased as it has also been a favorite of mine. This one behaves beautifully, CP stays very light and no acceleration at all. Swirl and play with color to your hearts content. It makes a "to die for" body spray, lotion and cream, as well as a fantastic roll-on perfume. In fact, I can't think of anything this lovely fragrance wouldn't work for. Enjoy!!

Flashpoint: 200°F
Candle: OK

2 ounces - Price: $3.95 Qty.
4 ounces - Price: $7.95 Qty.
8 ounces - Price: $14.95 Qty.
1 pound - Price: $24.95 Qty.

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