Shampoo and Shampoo Bar Recipes

Shampoo Bar
by Maureen H.

Canola Oil 14 ozsha
Castor Oil 4 oz
Cocoa Butter 6 oz
Coconut Oil 16 oz
Olive Oil 20 oz
Palm Kernel Oil 32 oz
Rice Bran Oil 10 oz
Shea Butter 6 oz
Rhassoul Clay 2 oz (an excellent volumizer)
Lye 15.2 oz (approx. 7.5% superfat)

27 to 41 fl oz of liquid (I use powdered goatmilk and water at 27 to 30 oz)

I use Dragon's Blood (or OTS' DragonFire!) FO as it goes really with the dark brown of the rhassoul clay. You could use any Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil you want or no fragrance at all.

I make this CPOP or ITMHP and with the combination of gelling, goatmilk, rhassoul and FO it turns a VERY dark brown. The lather has a brownish tinge to it, but it doesn't stain. The lather has an incredibly thick, shaving foam like consistency. This bar is my hands down best seller.

I keep meaning to add some silk or silk protein to it, but I keep forgetting. Despite that, it leaves my long, (typically fine) hair shiny, easy to brush and with added volume.

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